Contacts and calendar entries missing after re-install of nextcloud 10


I am running Nextcloud 10 on a RaspberryPi 1B with Raspbian Jessie.
Recently my SD card stopped working and I had no backup. :-/
Fortunately my data and database (mysql) are on an external USB drive. So nothing should be lost.
I did a clean re-install on a new SD card with the same user.
After I was finished my files all showed up as before (no scan was necessary).
But my entries in the contacts and calendar were gone.
Why didn’t they show up again like the files?
Is there a way to get my calendar and contacts back?

Thanks for any help.

Always check your logs first and always keep backups

You did restore the database? Do not create a new one.

He said that the DB is also on the USB.
Is everything else working? Every setting every user?
Because then the DB should be correct.

Did the old install perhaps have a different version of these apps installed?

I created a new admin user as requested on first access to nextcloud. Was that a mistake?
Users are missing, too.
Only the files are not affected.
I also took a look in the database and the tables for calendar and contacts are empty.
When did they get created or deleted? On activation of the apps? Or when I created the user?
How can I avoid the first-time setup of nextcloud after installation?

You installed a new Nextcloud instead of restoring the old session.

The creation of the admin is a sign that you initialized the DB. All is gone there.

You should have maintained the config.php manually to link tonthe esisting DB. Then NC would have recognized it :frowning:

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Okay, now I know what I’ve done wrong.
Thanks a lot for the help.
I will create backups from now on.

But one last question:
Why are the files not lost? I didn’t create a new database, so the old must be used in some way. I didn’t have to scan for files and I also didn’t have to configure the data location. Can someone explain?

I would bet that NC did a rescan of the folders when you accessed them in the files app

No, the last scan took hours on my Pi. And after creating the admin user it only took some seconds until it was finished.