Contacts 4.0.4 blank page

I having a problem that the contacts app(4.04) on nextcloud 22.2.0 running on nginx 1.20 is showing a blank page.

I googled on this and there is an article on github explaining the problem.

Then the other problem is how to apply the new update?
sudo -u nginx php occ app:update contacts didn’t work
sudo -u nginx php occ app:update --allow-unstable contacts also didn’t work.

I don’t know a way to update from file, because it is possible to download the contacts 4.06tar.gz
so it seems to be that the official package is not released yet?

Contacts v4.0.6, has already been released for 22.2.0 and can be installed from the app store without any problems. If you want to install it manually, download it from the app store, navigate to the Nextcloud app folder on your server, remove the previous app version, extract the new files to the folder and make sure that you set the correct ownership and access rights afterwards.

There have been other postings here directly describing and solving your issue.

Closing here.