Contacts 3.0.1 for Nextcloud 15 - massive problems with frontend

Since my upgrade to nc15 I have massive problems with the contacts frontend when editing existing or adding new contacts.

It very often shows the spinning wheel in the upper right part of the mask (I think to show me that it tries to synchronize with the server) and then tells me “The contact you were trying to edit has changed. Please manually refresh the contact. Any further edits will be discarded” - even when I’m currently editing a field.
After manually reloading very often parts of the entered texts are vanished or even worse - it seems to be O.K.; but when I change the contact and come back to the currently edited - the entered texts are incomplete.

What’s also very strange: when I add a new contact and then add another one, some fields are already filled with texts from the last added contact.

The older 2.1.8 version of the frontend worked much better in that parts!

Is that all normal behaviour or is it just at my site?

I’ve about 300 contacts in three different addressbooks - if that matters…

Some additional thoughts / problems:

  • why are the address fields visible by default for a new contact but not the fields for its “detailled name”? Normally the detailled name parts are the first thing I enter for a new contact…
  • when I add that properties to the mask, they got filled with old information (from the last added contact)
  • in previous versions the title got updated if I change the name / prename - that was often annoying (as I prefer to have it in the form “lastname, firstname”); but now I always have to edit it manually - that’s even more annoying (and I’m sure most of the users don’t know that these are editable)
  • I have a lot groups in the left pane; but they don’t get sorted alphabetically - why not?
  • the groups did get a new clickable “download” arrow to right - that would be fine; but clicking on it doesn’t do anything…
    Is that new feature not implemented at the moment?

So, some answers:

  1. because this is a different field from the displayname field the contact have. Not that many people uses this by default (same on android) and this was not part of the requested default fields asked by the community
  2. This is a bug fixed in
  3. Groups order have been requested by the community. There is an open feature request somewhere on
  4. Fixed in

Wait for the 3.0.2 release.

For your The contact you were trying to edit has changed. Please manually refresh the contact. Any further edits will be discarded, I will need some additional informations, I will need a screenshot of your network requests and the error output of the failing request. Open your console, reload your page and/or do the action leading to this issue.

How to access your browser console (Click to expand)


  • Press either CTRL + SHIFT + J to open the “console” tab of the Developer Tools.
  • Alternative method:
    1. Press either CTRL + SHIFT + I or F12 to open the Developer Tools.
    2. Click the “console” tab.


  • Press CMD + ALT + I to open the Web Inspector.
  • See Chrome’s step 2. (Chrome and Safari have pretty much identical dev tools.)


  1. Press F12 to open the developer tools.
  2. Click the “console” tab.


  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + K to open the Web console (COMMAND + SHIFT + K on Macs).
  • or, if Firebug is installed (recommended):
    1. Press F12 to open Firebug.
    2. Click on the “console” tab.


  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I to open Dragonfly.
  2. Click on the “console” tab.

On the development tools, there is a tab called network. Click on it and then the xhr filter. Do your action and screenshot the network log like this:

Then click the red failed network request (with error 412) and copy/paste the response data here.

I added a nextcloud issue:

I don’t see any “red” lines in the network tab…

And inbetween my shared hoster moved my webspace to another server and I’m nearly unable to reproduce the problem - but I’m sure it’s still there for slow servers…

See github issue