Contacts 2.0.0 released


Shouldn’t it go to the updater repo?

or maybe the appstore


When I was skimming through the update code before it looked like the code to update apps is in nextcloud/server and not nextcloud/updater. Just open an issue, they will redirect you if it is the wrong repo. :slight_smile:

Edit: appstore is just the code for the nextcloud appstore website ( afaik.


Done, thanks.


I’m new to the forum but I’ve been using nextcloud for a while I migrated from owncloud, Not sure if this is the right place but it appears that the contacts upgrade hosed my access to my contacts, they no longer display. I’m running nextcloud 12.0.3 . I have two questions

1 - should I remove the contacts folder from my nextcloud install in the apps directory and reinstall it? (note my contacts have been backed up and only the contacts function is affected), This has worked in the past.
2 I’m a bit curious about, on the apps page official vs. view in store, are these eventually becoming official and should I be waiting for a stable version or are they not officially supported? or something else.

again if this isn’t the right forum , can someone point me to the right place and thanks for your help and a great progam


@ripperzip You can do 1 without any problems, the contacts are stored in the database - no user data in the apps folder. Maybe this even solves your problem with the app, if not - feel free to open an issue on
2. You mean the state of the apps? I don’t know how these official labels are assigned, sorry - maybe you find something in the documentation of Nextcloud.


Thanks for your quick response _ I’ll try removing it and reinstalling it. I used the update in the apps location maybe it just didn’t load properly - I’ll let you know how I make out


That fixed it for me - simple enough

again thanks for your help


Hmm… Name prefix and postfix are no longer displayed in the contact list. So it’s planned?
Maybe it’s to be better to add a custom list display template to the settings?


When you sort by First name or by Last name this is intended behaviour, yes.
When sorting by displayname it just uses the name which is given in the colored bar, so you can change it and add prefix/postfix as desired and have it shown in the contact list.


I see. But it’s still sounds strange. In mobile config there are two different options: “sort order” and “display order”. It’s unusual that in NC app two options becomes one.


You mean in your smartphone contacts application? That may be - for the nextcloud contacts app we currently do not differentiate between a sort and display order. But this may be a good enhancement for the app. :+1:
If you’d like you can open an issue on and propose this feature.


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