Contact us link

Hello to the community,

I’m new here so forgive any mistake.

I’m using my private Nextcloud server.
Is there any future update in the Admin settings to provide an external link to a Support page ?

example: Legal notice - Privacy policy - Contact us

On other words, we want the CONTACT US to redirect to an external page (Sub domain etc…)

Thank you.

Best Regards

Under “Settings > Adminstartion > Design” you can set a custom slogan, a custom imprint link and also a custom gdpr link. If this doesn’t help you please post the PRECISE location to which you’re referring on the menu.


I think you mean the “Theming” section. No, there the options that we have is “Legal notice link” & “Privacy policy link” that they’re already filled out.
We want another free section with possibility to activate/disactivate to add our links or to don’t mess with the translation, a “Contact us link”. so like that we can add a sub domain etc… and redirect to it.
The only option that I have now is to edit the
apps/theming/lib/ThemingDefaults.php and change it but with an update I’m loosing everything.

Thank you.