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I used the “Contact us for a quote” feature on the Get A Quote - Nextcloud website
8 days ago. How long does it usually takes to get any reaction?

My problem/quote is this:
The cloud of our client’s company: “” stopped working, and returns “502 Bad Gateway”.
As a recently delegated system administrator of the company “BudafokOne Logisztikai Park Kft.”, I would like to know if the upper mentioned cloud service is still active?
I also have no knowledge of the administrator email address, needed for further troubleshooting of this, please let me know which one of our company email address is it.

There seems to be quite some confusion here, lets clear that up:

Nextcloud is an Open-Source software that everyone can install and use for free.
Nextcloud GmbH is the company that develops Nextcloud and offers paid commercial support for it. If you have an active subscription, here is their customer support portal:

I highly doubt that Nextcloud GmbH will respond to a very vague support request which you put into their sales form. Sales people can’t help you with tech issues.
Nextcloud GmbH does (AFAIK) not host Nextcloud instances for their customers and most likely does not host your Nextcloud. So they don’t know the login data for it.

You will have to figure out yourself, who is hosting your Nextcloud. Maybe someone just forgot to pay the hosting bill? The IP of the server behind the domain you posted seems to belong to the network of Magyar Telekom. Since that is a Hungarian ISP, it could mean that you’re hosting the Nextcloud yourself and should go looking for a server/nas/pc/laptop somewhere in the office.

Lastly, (this page) is the community forum for Nextcloud (so the free support). We’re happy to help, but to do so, please post into the right section. This is the section for the Passwords for Nextcloud, a password manager app. You should post to “Support” to get help troubleshooting your setup.

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