Contact LDAP Sync

Hey All,
I’m a little bit confused, hopefully someone can help and Explain me some things in the Nextcloud /LDAP / Contact Sync.

At First, I’ve configured the APP “LDAP Contacts Backend” in the Passed my College do this and did’nt configured any Filter Like “Only Type User” etc.
Now I’ve done this with some filter Like “Only User” Contains Company XY, is aktive, Only in This Groups…

If I go to User I see my User, the Groups with User looks good!

Now the confusing, in the default Contact “APP” from Nextcloud listed also old Users, Machine Accounts etc from our LDAP. I can’t delete them because, i think it was importat from the LDAP Source, right?

But now, I’ve configured the LDAP right in my Opinion it should refresh, clear, renew what else the System Contact Address Bock… But it dosn’t.

Is it a Bug?
Can i clear it by my self(just in the Database i thinks)
Any Ideas?

I’ve aktivate the LDAP Cleanup in the config file.

If it must done in the DB is there a small How-To?

Thanks a lot!

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