Contact App Page empty


I just installed the Contact app on Nextcloud, but when I access the Contact page it’s completely blank, without any link or import button.


I tried on Chrome/Fiirefox/Opera, clearing cache and incognito, but the issue is the same.
All other apps instead load correctly.

Can you help me to understand the issue?

Hello @fralenuvole ello @ ,

welcome to the community of Nextcloud.

You started a topic to get support.
Unfortunately you ignored the template and a lot of information to help you is missing.

Please add all necessary information like Nextcloud version, webserver type and version, os version, related log file content.

Without additional information the community members cannot help you.

Do you have any blocking add-ons active?

The same issue here, contacts 4.04 on nextcloud 22.2.0 is not loading and is just showing a blank page. on github the version is already on 4.06, but until now i didn’t succeed to update to contacts 4.06 see also the discussion on Blank page with v4.0.4 · Issue #2488 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub
maybe soon the version will be stable.

It is stable and has been for years.
Sometimes bugs are in new versions but hey this kind of normal in software development. Feel free to join us and test prereleases to avoid trouble.

My NC v22.2.0 offers me contacts app v4.0.6. What do mean with “didn’t succeed” ? Is it not offered or do have updating issues?

Maybe I am having update issues, when i fire up the command;
sudo -u nginx php occ app:update --showonly
nothing is showed, when i list the apps; sudo -u nginx php occ app:list | grep contacts

  • contacts: 4.0.4
    how do I force an update ? It looks the new version is not offered.

The problem with the contactsapp is solved now. I uninstalled the app(4.04), then a server reboot(to be sure that all caching information is wiped) . thereafter the new version(4.06) was visible.
all is working as a charm now.
But still interested how to force the system to see newer versions of any app.

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