Contact app can't display phone number with "custom" type

At issue is the phone numbers with custom type, other than the predefined Home, Mobile, and a few others, are not displayed on the Contacts app run in Linux.

Let’s my contact’s number is 212-555-1212, I use Mobile1 to label it. It is not displayed. I look into the oc_cards table, it is there.

This problem was reported back in 2017 and was fixed. When I first used 19.0.1, it wasn’t a problem. I hardly use the desktop Contact app so I don’t realize the problem until now. In fact,
we are not able to customize the label through the desktop contact app anymore.

If this is not clear enough, please reply so I will follow the bug reporting requirements to report it. It is not helpful that we can’t display the customized type for phone numbers.


Has anyone looked into this? I’m having the same problem. When I type in a custom type for a phone number, the number and type are saved, but they are not visible in the web app.

Same here !

And the problem concerns the address field too.

It concerns the telephone fied too and I guess it concerns all the fields with a customizable name.

I’ve opened an issue on GitHub:

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