Consultant for design/installation searched (1-3d)

Hi there

I have two weeks left to setup a cloud sharing solution which works together with our external storage (Isilon box / whole storage configuration is done). Nextcloud sounds promising and is open source - though I am missing a sparring partner when setting it up.

There are a ton of configuration options in nextcloud and thoughts to be done (loadbalancer, caching, automatic user authentication against storage, skeleton dirs, performance in general) and I would like to get it right (and not waste too much time with trying and retrying). Therefore I am looking for some external support to help designing and maybe setting up (although this can be very well done through me).

I expect that to take 1-3 days in consultant work / support. Writing to the nextcloud team resulted in no reply at all - which is quite frustrating knowing that one want to support such an idea and solution. Therefore I try to find somebody interested and capable (who has experience with at least the external storage and the permissions/authentications) on short notice.

Anybody out there?

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Anybody out there?

@enoch85 one for you, perhaps?

Hi Emak,

Sorry you got no reply, I know we’re often swamped. Note that we don’t do consulting without a support contract, but if you are in need of help installing Nextcloud for a relatively small setup (up to 250) you’re probably best off ordering a contract with installation support:
“Include one day remote installation/integration support (mail, telephone, video call) (€ 990)”

I know that @enoch85 and others also provide consulting in setting up.

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@emak I’m available for consultant work and could help you if you’d like.

Through my site Tech and Me I help lots of people in the whole world and have got very positive feedback. My hourly rate is $90 and is bought through my shop, or sent as an invoice through PayPal once the work is done.

Please send me an email and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

Thanks @JasonBayton for the heads up!

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Thanks to all who have replied. I got a heads-up from Nextcloud today and will also check with @enoch85 by email.

If I do not forget it later on, I will post a short update in about two weeks to say what I did and how it worked out.

Please do, I’ve been experimenting with NC clustering recently so am interested in seeing what you eventually build!

We are entering the testphase now. The setup is though still very little as Daniel convinced me that it is performing enough for our expected user range to start with (approx. 150-300). So it may not be interesting to you @JasonBayton yet…

Basically it is one Debian Stretch, with MariaDB and redis installed (socket config not yet possible, looks like a bug, at least I get precisely this error).

I configured the storage to be attached as external SMB storage with “Log-in credentials, save in database” in order to let the users connect with their own usernames and get/set the right file permissions. As we have ABE/ABSE (access based (share) enumerations)) they only get those file/folders/shares to see they have at least read permission.

Unfortunately not yet possible to use SSO with SAML as I struggle with the external storage configuration. SSO works but there is a bug in the code preventing an authentication to the external storage. This will be something to look after my holidays.

P.S.: It took us some time to figure out that MariaDB now has a default setting to identify the user root through the unix socket. Take a look at this if you want to disable it and use the conventional way.


I could have told you that :slight_smile:

Sounds like @enoch85 has done alright :sunglasses:

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Yep - I am happy with the output so far, still a long way to go though…

Guess it will be more and more important to us if the people starts to like it and I do not see any reason why they shouldn’t. Looking forward to it therefore!

@JasonBayton thanks for the contact with @enoch85!

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Hi there,
Let me know if you still need some hard core programmers for your project.

@cloudpros Off topic, but your https redirect doesn’t work on your site

Thought you wanted to know. :slight_smile:

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@enoch85 Redesigning it currently, but it does now. By the way my son enjoys your Minecraft Server vm. Keep up the good work. Thanks :sunglasses:

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