Considering Disabled Users as Participants And Allowing them to Join in Everyone group

Hi, There is an issue with group_everyone. Like if we have marked the user as a disabled user, then his/her Account should not be able to view in any case. But the issue is, if I create a group and add the participants with everyone, the Disabled or Blocked user is automatically added to that group.

This is Supposed to not happen. So please give a solution for this friends.

Why should they not be in the group? Disabled users still exist in the system, and they might be reactivated, so their group membership should be preserved.

Let’s consider one or two people who have left form the organization. They have some data about the organization, so after he left we saved his data for backup and marked them as Disabled users. Why should I disable the user instead of deleting their account?

Because in the future That person’s credentials will help us.

So after when they left and were marked as disabled users. why are they coming into the existing user’s group conversation?

This is not fine @KarlF12, Even though they are in the system they are marked as disabled users. We purposely keep a person as a disabled user, which means he is not allowed into Nextcloud at any cause.

It is not okay that disabled users automatically join an active participants group.

So please Somebody help me, this may be a privacy issue.

There are better (and more appropriate) ways to handle that. If they’re gone permanently, assign their files and incoming email to someone else.

I think we already established that. The everyone group includes everyone, and they are still in the system, therefore they are in the everyone group.

Unlikely since, as you noted, they are unable to log in. They would not be able to access the conversation even though a group they are in was added to it.

Also, a conversation where anything sensitive is being discussed would not normally use the everyone group.

If you still feel this is an issue, you should report it as such on the everyone group app’s GitHub page.