Considerations for installing Nextcloud

Hello all together,
this is the first writing here so please be patient with me. I have installed several Nextclouds servers already and will be good to go with several configurations/scenarios. As of my writing here I did a lot of research to have an idea on how to provide this/my scenario the best way.

At the moment I am currently serving around 50 Users with an amount of 500GB data. This is not sooo much, but thinking of several file storages running around at least three locations I was thinking about how to provide cifs/nfs support with an automatism to be mounted locally by a script or Domain Controller.

My environment is seemless cloud based with only a few services on prem. My consideration has been: hey so why not installing Nextcloud to replace the old file storages. As per today I have an Nextcloud instance running on my datacenter so I want to port data from the file servers to the cloud but keep a copy of all files locally there. In short: just adding the Nextcloud functionality to those file servers and keep files on all places highly available.

Do you have any ideas on how to solve this project idea?