Consequences of removing a group

I was just finishing setting up a second Nextcloud instance to replace the previous one, this new one is is virtualized :grin:, and I realized I went a little too clicky when I selected the users groups from Active Directory and accidentally (it was more like I forgot what it entailed) added Domain Users; since AD is used for RADIUS MAC AAA now there’s an enormous list of users on little server.

Where just a handful…literally 5.

So, clicked on the trash bin icon next to the group because I figured it wouldn’t let me deleted it just like that, there would be some warning, and yeah, it was, that was all the fearless I can muster for the rest of the week, though. The warning read the users would not be deleted which is a relief: Nextcloud has full write access to AD; but then said only the group will be. I have the rescue bin or I’m sorry I’m blanking on the same–the AD feature that can recover deleted elements–but since it’s a small domain AD syncs immediately and Domain Users is sort of important for AD and we’ve used it for a ton of settings and permissions all over of place; I guess you already know my question: will it get deleted from the domain if I remove it from Nextcloud? Please say no! :nerd_face:

I was planning on taking the first snapshot until it was all done so I have none. …so close.

Um…nevermind, it seems the extra users now are starting to disappear on their own. :sweat_smile: My bad!

Such a relief though! :grin: