Connection via mobile app impossible cause strict mode

Hello everyone,

I come to present my issue. I installed my NC on my domain and i can say that everything works almost correctly except a few small errors that does not prevent NC from working but do not make it optimal. Here is my setup.
The domain is hosted locally on a dedicated server under Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS with Docker.

No problem to connect via a browser on PC or mobile but using the dedicated Android app is a nightmare, either I am asked for an application token or it tells me that I am in strict mode and that no HTTP connection is not allowed.

In my administration settings I also have an error that appears “The configuration of the reverse proxy headers is incorrect. This is a security issue, which can allow an attacker to spoof the IP address displayed to Nextcloud.” There is probably a link ?

I searched and found the article "Android app error: “Strict mode, no HTTP connection allowed!” but I admit not having understood everything and after checking my config.php I think that everything seems ok.

My config.php = ///personal data redacted by wwe///
My .htaccess = NC - htccess -
My yml focker file = Docker - docker-compose.yml -

The ‘data’ folder is located in /root/nextcloud-docker/nextcloud

Here, hoping to have provided you the maximum of elements. First of all, I thank you for the time you will spend helping me solve this problem. Thank you and have a nice day


I removed a reference to config.php as you missed to remove secrets from the file - consider this information as publicly disclosed - I strongly recommend to change or start the installation from the beginning.

btw: you are welcome to post short code snippets like config to the forum - don’t forget to use </>button for code blocks. pastebin is more for longer logs…

From the docker-compose I see you use traefik reverseproxy but your config.php doesn’t include overwrite* settings. Please review reverse proxy docs.

Maybe this topic gives you a good starting point: Nextcloud docker-compose setup with notify_push (2024)

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Thanks a lot your advices and help. I stopped my site the time for me to re-install NC with links you gave me.

Many thanks