Connection to nextcloud server behinde private ip


newbie in here, need help, i just setup nextcloud at truenas, already do basic setup and get good connection from other device. the problem is i can’t connect to my nextcloud server from outside my home.

looks my isp only give me private ip, when i check at it show at my router i see, already use duckdns, no ip. no working.

but don’t how syncthing can do connection from outside my home. atm i use synchting to do backup. just hope can use nextcloud do to more beside backup.
any guide or solution i can follow it

btw i already contact my isp to get public ip, but they refuse it because my packages, upgrade to get public ip it takes expensive cost, not at good option.


This term is confusing. Does your ISP provide a Static IP or a Dynamic IP?

You’ll need to:

  1. Map the Nextcloud / Truenas device to an within your network via
  • DHCP Reservation on your router
  • or, by defining a static IP on your router
  1. Port forward 443 and 80 ports for the device you defined in Step 1. This is also done on your router. It will be required by Let’s Encrypt in Step 4.
  2. Define a “Trusted Domain” within Nextcloud that includes each way you want to connect:
  • or,
  • (for accessing on your local network)
  1. Obtain a Let’s Encrypt certificate for whatever dns service you are using.
  • or,
  1. Profit.

Try searching this forum, read Nextcloud Admin documentation and trying searching the internet for keywords. All of the information is out there for you to setup Syncthing and Nextcloud, but it will require doing some searching and taking notes. Best of luck.

they told me is Private dynamic IP, not static/dynamic public ip.

already set ip forward to 443

thanks for your time i will try search more