Connection TimeOut OwnCloud Windows Client

Since two days my OwnCloud Client stopped working correctly and It seems I am getting a Connection TimeOut when the sync phase starts.

From the log on the client:

|10-26 15:09:40:174 [ info sync.networkjob ]:|OCC::PropfindJob created for “” + “/” “OCC::ConnectionValidator”|
|10-26 15:10:07:188 [ warning sync.networkjob ]:|Network job timeout QUrl(“”)|
|10-26 15:10:07:189 [ warning sync.networkjob ]:|QNetworkReply::NetworkError(OperationCanceledError) “Connection timed out” QVariant(Invalid)|
|10-26 15:10:07:191 [ info sync.networkjob.propfind ]:|PROPFIND of QUrl(“”) FINISHED WITH STATUS QNetworkReply::NetworkError(OperationCanceledError) “Connection timed out”|
|10-26 15:10:07:193 [ warning sync.networkjob.propfind ]:expressionless:not successful, http result code is 0 “”|
|10-26 15:10:07:194 [ warning default ]:|QIODevice::read (QNetworkReplyHttpImpl): device not open|

The version of my OwnCloud is: 2.4.1 for Windows,

My OwnCloud Server is

Is there any problem on the server? Nothing changed on my client in the last days.


Ciao, sto rilevando anch’io il tuo stesso problema di timeout con
tu sei riuscito a risolvere?