Connecting Outlook 2010 with NC 10 calendar


I try to connect my Outlook 2010 (64bit) calendar with NC 10 calendar using Outlook Internetcalendar function.
After inserting a link like
Outlook ask for a few things, like foldername and sync options.
After this procedure i get a prompt to enter username/password.
Few Minutes later a calendar entry of the named calendar is shown. But, it’s empty.
After clicking in the calendar, it prompt with a message:

Changing the content of a writeprotected folder is not possible.

Any solution for this problem?

As far as I know, Outlook does not support any CalDAV or CardDAV features. I think the internet calendar function is only for webcal/ical links.

You may want to try using instead.

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Okay. Thx for your quick answer.
I will try this tomorrow.

Working fine :grin: :thumbsup:
Thx for your help