Connecting of Qnap resources to Nextcloud


I’m new in this forum but I’m using Nextcloud for over the year for now, and it’s grat! - better than Qnap solutions for me. I have a question about attaching storage from NAS to nextcloud to achieve as biggest efficiency for home use as possible.

For now I have Qnap NAS (TS-453BMini) with my own custom VM with Nextcloud. I have data folder connected via SMB to Qnap and other resources connected via “external storage”.
I have counter couple major problems:

  1. There is about 1TB of photos in one directory that must by available by QNap photo station and Nextcloud. Gallery just wasn’t able to handle such many photos and it was unusable so i need to shutdown it - yes I’m using redis server to cache.
  2. I had problems with LDAP authentication nad external storage shares, because when I use share connected by external storage and authentication used as “user from session stored in database” when I logged using email and not username, authentication to SMB share failed due the Nextcoud uses email as username in SMB authentication. Do you know solution for this problem?

Pleas tell me what is the best configuration to use with external storage placed on NAS? I have plan to leave VM and put a small dedicated rack server in home only for NC use, so i’m looking for best solutions to achieve that.

Best Regards!