Connecting Cloud Storage - pCloud?

What would be the best way to connect a cloud storage provider? pCloud supports webDav but they also have their own client as well. I also asked them if they support any other protocols but have not heard back from support.

What would be some of the best methods to connect external storage to pCloud. I have 500 GB available in the cloud.


Ok looks like they only provide WebDav and a terminal client app that can be used. Let me know how I could push my Nextcloud data to this drive.

@NextCloudFox i would be really interested in this: i have lifetime pcloud storage, but i think the nextcloud app universe is really cool. Is there any way to use the Nextcloud apps, but keep all the files hosted on pcloud?

you should be able to connect your pcloud via external storage and webdav. at least in theory.

so then the files would be stored BOTH on pcloud and on nextcloud, right?

not neccessarily… could be either/or…

Also in practice, I have a working setup here with my lifetime package. And no, space is not used twice.

The only issue is speed-related. Probably, bulk data is tunneled via the nextcloud installation. It’s remarkable slower compared to direct access.


I am very interested in this. Is it possible to connect to Pcloud by using webdav?
I found an internet page referring to, but I do not get this to work.

It would be great if it was possible if a connection to Pcloud storage was made When I login to Nextcloud.

Test WebDAV to pcloud from windows file manager and if it works use the settings in nextcloud.

This is an interesting note. Presuming NextCloud is hosted on a VPS with limited transfer rates, any files transfer from and to PCloud would be substracted against said transfer limits.

I am interested in this subject. I would like to encrypt the content in both end points. Checking if there is a way to encrypted from the client itself before it gets processed in NextCloud. Though that is just work-in-progress idea.

Hello Bartman2, did you have solved the problem?

I was just searching for a solution and found rclone. Its a command line tool, that supports various cloud storage providers.
It can be used like rsync but also supports serving the storage over several protocols: rclone serve

I run my Nextcloud in a docker container and I will try that solution soon.