Connect Nextclouds Document Community Server with Moodle

Hey there,

I use Nextcloud 19.0.3 with the Community Document Server and the Only Office App. This is going great.
My school also runs a Moodle installation (3.9.2) where we would like to use the document server. There is a plugin for Moodle (, which I have included. I also copied the service address for document processing from the Onlyoffice settings and pasted it into Moodle. Unfortunately I get a message in Moodle that Nextcloud has refused the connection.
Does anyone have any idea which settings I need to change?

Thank you+greetings

Hey Tobias,
we have the same problem connecting moodle with the nextcloud document server app. I think we need to configure the secret between moodle and the document server. Unfortunately I have not been able to find where to configure this so far.
Best Regards

Hey Hagen, just had a chat with our hoster. He said that the document server uses a lot of resources and that the included nextcloud community server is only for home usage. I will therefore install the regular onlyoffice document server and use that one. Cheers

Hey Tobias, that sounds reasonable. Thanks for sharing this with me.
Best Regards Hagen