Connect internal OnlyOffice with internal nextcloud with http?


I have an internal nextcloud and internal onlyoffice instance, so it is not nessessary to encrypt the communication between this both applications.
But the OnlyOffice App has https as mandatory.
It is possible to connect nextcloud and onlyoffice with http, e.g. to comment out the right lines in an onlyoffice php file?

Thank you!

assuming you are using containers you can use this settings in nextcloud to connect to an onlyoffice container through http.


assuming you are using containers

No, I have a normal installation. My nextcloud is in the path /var/www/html/cloud

And I can’t find a file named “configure_onlyoffice.yml”

How is the file in a non dockewr installation?

without docker it’s

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/cloud/occ --no-warnings config:system:set onlyoffice 'DocumentServerUrl --value="/ds-vpath/"'
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/cloud/occ --no-warnings config:system:set onlyoffice 'DocumentServerInternalUrl --value="http://<onlyoffice_documentserver>/"'
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/cloud/occ --no-warnings config:system:set onlyoffice 'StorageUrl --value="http://<nextcloud-web-adress>/"'

or you can enter the values through the nextcloud web gui.



What is ‘ds-vpath’?

My nextcloud run with
My OnlyOffice run with

i got this settings from here:

sorry. i forgot. that’s the reverse proxy path in the nextcloud nginx server. you have to add some lines to it’s config too.


that’s not true since they start the docker container with -p 80:80


possible, but I have a native installation and not a docker. (my knowledge of docker is still too low)

If I try to connect with http, an error occured:

OnlyOffice is running with http, but the App in nextcloud require https

this settings

go here

did you open this submenu?


Yes now!
I have input “” in both fields and leave the first field empty.
The nextcloud App writes: Data has been updated successfully.

But I have not the context menu “Open with ONLYOFFICE” !?

since you run nc and oo on different servers you should have different entries.

what happens when you click on a office document?

…194/cloud is the nextcloud server
… 193 is the onlyoffice
So is this correct?

what happens when you click on a office document?

It occured the download mask

Thank you for your patience!

that’s what i get after i run the playbook:


and then you should be able to create new offices docs.


yes, now I see the three new items in my menu (Dokument, Tabelle, Präsentation)

But now - the next probelm - nextcloud write, onlyoffice is not available:

But if I access direct with my browser to the document server, he write all is fine:

What else could be wrong here?