Connect a folder on Windows Server to a Nextcloud Server

Hello everybody.
I have a Windows Server 2022 sharing a folder on the Local Lan.
I would like to copy this folder with a folder on my remote Nextcloud, so that I can also access it outside the LAN, but I have seen that there is no client for windows server.
Is there a reliable way to do this?
Thanks everyone for your help, any advice is appreciated!

Well i never used windows server so far. But i guess the regular desktop client for Nextcloud should work fine on winserver. And if it does just add your folder in the client as any other folder.

you can mount Nextcloud as WebDAV on your windows server

Also you can copy the folder with rsync/ssh/scp to the remote server and then use occ files:scan --all. But maybe Windows has got not this nice networking features like Linux.

Hopefully you only want copy it once. If you want to sync why not delete on Windows server and only use a version on your Nextcloud? Two locations of the same data is a problem. Windows server makes it not easier.