Confused about the Nextcloud Android app - instant upload feature

I am trying to sync my photos with my laptop via nextcloud. So if I am to delete a photo from my phone, should delete from nextcloud too.

On my CalyxOS (Android) I have the Nextcloud app with the Instant Upload featured enabled. The photos to go my Nextcloud. All good. The on my Linux laptop I use the Nextcloud application to sync the Instant Upload folder to my computer.

However, if I delete a photo from my phone via my gallery app - so delete it from the storage of the phone - that photo is still in my nextcloud account…how come? Shouldn’t it be deleted if I delete it from my phone’s memory?

I am very confused about the settings and how to achieve a true sync between the phone and laptop via nextcloud.

Any help please?

I have no idea about CalyxOS habits but ususally on Android Camera and Gallery app use some local folder. Nextcloud app just look at updates on this folder and uploads new stuff to Nextcloud (optionally deleting/moving file in the “native” camera app folder). Deleting files from your native camera app folder is not supposed to propagate file deletion to your NC server.

I didn’t test myself now but maybe the option of NC app instant upload to move the files into “app folder” will work for you. As I understand it it will move the files from native camera folder into NC folder - switching control over the file from the Android Camera/Gallery to NC app… Maybe then your deletion is propagated to the server (and from the server back to the phone) - let us know it works.