Conflicting Files

Can anyone confirm if this is still the way Nextcloud (19 and up) handles conflicting files. I have note conflicts on a regular basis and I haven’t seen any conflicting copies stored.

I’d like to know this as well. This is extremely frustrating, with no obvious fix from what I can tell. Should I just start deleting and re-naming files until the one I want to keep is synced?

file (conflicted copy 2020-10-01 031405).txt <-- the one I actually want

I notice other conflicted copies in my directories as well… what is the best way to manage and handle these without manual intervention?

I notice this as well, frequently. I’m using the desktop client for Windows, currently on version 3.0.3.
I open the files from the directory using locally installed apps, e.g. LibreOffice Calc.
I do a small change, save and close the file, and the local changes get saved into a “conflicted copy” file.
And I am sure that no one else is working on the same file!

In that case you would favor the conflicted copy most likely. I’m grateful that the clients as of #nc20 allow us to keep the original and conflicted copies sync’ed.

My current method:

  1. Backup conflicted files into an archive .zip
  2. Resolve the conflict via desktop app

Thanks @just
It seems to be an ongoing issue, see related
Should folks report it there as well, give a thumbs-up etc. ?

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I get this a lot when photo’s are synced using the instant upload feature.
I get a number of conflicts, but they’re the same image being uploaded twice and generating a conflict.

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Same issue.
My first nc server. And I’m syncing up pic folder from phone, and I keep getting conflicts

Haven’t seen this any more recently with the latest Android client. I also have a new phone, so that might also have something to do with it.