"Conflict when uploading some files to a folder. Those, conflicted, are going to get cleared!"?

I have a folder on my Nextcloud cloud that has many files in it. I also have a desktop folder with these same files.

I want to occassionally install the Nextcloud client and sync the cloud with the desktop.

In order to do this, I set up the “sync” for desktop as follows:

  1. “Add Folder Sync Connection” button.
  2. Find folder on desktop that I want to sync to the cloud folder
  3. Click Next
  4. Go to the cloud folder that has the same files (it has an option for virtual files that I’m not sure whether to click or not)
  5. Click Add Sync Connection

The sync begins to run and for every file, the desktop app says “Conflict when uploading some files to a folder. Those, conflicted, are going to get cleared!”

There are several hundred folders, each containing multiple files, but 98% of all of the files should already be stored and identical to the ones on the cloud. What is going on?

I am not sure that I understand what you did. I understand: You have a nextcloud server with files stored on it and a local copy of these files on your local desktop pc. Now you installed the client on your local desktop PC and tried to sync these existing files on the server and the same existing files on your desktop. That doesn’t work. The client can’t match existing files, and you get the conflicts. You have to start the sync-process with an empty local folder.

Ugh. Okay. That just means totally resyncing the whole thing which is annoying but at least I know what to do. Thank you.

This doesn’t make sense to me - what if I later add a bunch of new files into a folder that’s already synced on the local computer? Should those not be uploaded to the server? Will Nextcloud delete them because they are not on the server? No, the whole point of Nextcloud is to keep a server copy of local files, not the other way around.

Nextcloud should be checking to see if the files on the server and on the computer are identical and if they are, there should be no conflict. Anything other than this is plain nonsensical.