Confirm new email address here in the forum, how?


Confirm new email address here in the forum, how?


I have added a new email address in THIS FORUM, also received a confirmation email, but HOW can I confirm it?
It says in it:

Confirm your new email address for Nextcloud community by clicking on the link below: u / Confirm new email /6bc4860798a2aabc1xxxxxdc365d5

If you have not requested this change, please contact a [site administrator] ( approximately).

As you can see, I can only tap the link to nextcloud, but I didn’t find anything in the forum here where I can enter the code, so how does it work here?
I can delete the spaces, but it doesn’t help either, the address is not confirmed.


Hmm, strange. The link should be clickable. I just tried resetting my password and I received a clickable link. Make sure your email client isn’t hiding part of the email for some reason.

Can you try the process again and perhaps copy paste steps here.

I have the same issue. The link is not clickable and obviously broken.

Bestätigen Sie Ihre neue E-Mail-Adresse für Nextcloud community indem Sie auf den folgenden Link klicken: u / Bestätige-neue-E-Mail /672b56be6a6833f02xxxxxxxxxxb8abf

Wenn Sie diese Änderung nicht angefordert haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an einen [Site-Administrator] ( ungefähr).