Configuring the LDAP Contacts Backend

What needs to be filled in here, who can give at least an example, the developer wrote a module, but there is no description from it. I need to upload contacts to mail from LDAP

There was also a question below, but no one answered, So tell me how to check if this module worked at all or not? where should I see the contacts? or how to read the connection information. There is a module, but there is no documentation, how is that?

Most/all of the parameters for the ldap_contacts_backend app appear to to be similar to the ones used for the user_ldap app. So the documentation for that app (which is more widely used) may provide some help in figuring out what to put in each field:

The app store entry explains where you can see the contacts if it is working:

[…]you and your users will be able to search through the LDAP contacts via the global contacts menu. An import action allows to copy the contact over to the best fitting existing addressbook. A redirect takes you the contacts app with the newly created card open.


The ldap_contacts_backend appears to be somewhat obscure (I didn’t realize it existed until you pointed it out). It’s not an officially supported app at present and it looks like the focus has been on implementation, but not documentation so far.

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Hello, Evgen!
Please tell me what parameters you specified in the ldap contacts settings. I just can’t figure it out. Thank you.