Configuring groupware-like set-up for NGO/club


I want to configure our NC installation in such way that a small group of people (think of a club, NGO, citizens’ initiative) can jointly use it as common work space.

The profile and desired set-up would consist of:

  1. No personal files/folders to avoid people growing private data silos
  2. Common landing page that gives everyone logging in directors
  3. Tasks should be assignable and shared
  4. no skeleton files for new users
  5. Joint editing of text documents
  6. Locked down federations

I am therefore reaching out to get help and hints on how to configure the NC instance for that needs.

Here are the solutions I discovered or which I am thinking of and my questions:

  1. Avoiding personal files & documents
    Will putting a quota of 0 (zero) avoid that users can store own files?
    How can I configure the NC such way that new files land in public and group folders?

  2. Common landing page that gives everyone logging in directors
    Currently, I am using Announcement center together with Admin notifications to achieve the landing page.
    How can I make announcements sticky, i.e. always stay on top?

  3. Tasks should be assignable and shared
    I have to test this still.
    But can I assume that by default, the task app allows assignment and sharing of tasks?

  4. no skeleton files for new users
    I removed the skeleton files from the installation. --> Solved!

  5. Joint editing of text documents
    How can I have all new notes to get created as files with *.md suffice so that they can be edited with the markdown editor app straight-away?

  6. Locked down federations
    How can I prohibit importing other external clouds?
    Can the sharing via public links be limited?
    e.g. all links must be hidden and with a password and shall expire by default?

  7. Further optimisations
    Are there any further suggestions or ideas how to convert the instance from private multi-user to a common group workspace?
    Any also possibilities or workflows that would reduce the admin work?

Thanks in advance and regards.

  1. If 0 is too little you can also choose very small quota to force people to use the shared folders. 100MB is still too small to store much, but avoids possible problems with having exactly 0 quota. (I’m not sure of some extensions use the quota to store their data for example so 0 would be problematic in that case)

  2. Tasks are linked to calendars, which means that for every possible combination of shared tasks you need to create a shared calendar… So that could easily explode into thousands of shared calendars :slight_smile:

  3. You can set a maximum expiration date and force passwords for public links. It’s in the settings.

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