Configure Instance in Nextcloud AIO

I’m trying to install Nextcloud AIO on a windows Server 2022.
In the past I have used Nextcloudpi, that I have to leave in reason of problem with smb external share application that I need to use.
I have a No-ip account to get the remote access.
During installation I arrive at the instance page but I don’t know how to move forward.

Any help? I’m not a IT manager

Hi, you need to enter your domain into the field as adviced

I thank you but the answer doesn’t help.
I’m not an IT manager and things that are obvious to programmers are not obvious to ordinary people. So is the instruction in the installation screen.
In this case:

  • if I configure a domain in the Windows server system I lose the work group and I have to reconfigure the entire office (image attached)

  • if I insert no-ip host doesn’t work
    In nextcloudpi you don’t need any domain.

So wich domain?

Thank in advance

A public domain that you can get from a doman registrar or e.g. and point at your home network.

I can’t be the no-ip Host name.

With nextcloud pi I have used this and worked fine.
Otherwise I Ihave an domain .com of the office.
In both I have inserted the value and doesn’t go NO.

I don’t understand

What error does it return if you put in ?

I insert the value an nothing happens

There should be a warning shown usually after you press enter…

This is the screenshot after entering the value

I assume is
" The Server is not reachable on port 443 . You can verify with by entering your domain as ip:address and port 443 as port"

But I don’t understand without no-ip user and password can work

So did you already configure port forwarding in your router for port 443?

As you can see if I check with portchecker is open

and there is still the problem

Is not possible to installa a after enter in configuration like nextcloudpi?

Thanks for your time

Apparently your dns settings of your domain are not correct. Does it really poojt toward the public ip-address of your home network?

I don’t Know
Before I open the port in the router and after I insert the no-ip adress wit User and password and everything worked fine.
I can do this in nextcloudpi configuration settings.
Here I don’ understand what setting I have to insert.

You only need to insert the domain here. If things are configured corretly, it should accept the domain and continue.