Configure external storage

I have installed Nextcloud as a VM on one HyperV host. I created a share -CIF - to space on another Windows host. How do I increase the storage allotted - I can’t figure out how to do that? Somehow it’s set to an amount so it tells me that it’s full, yet there is lots of space on the drive the share is pointed to. Also is it possible to have two external storage locations? Finally how do I go about deleting the share if necessary - I don’t want to delete the files residing in it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Have you read the official documentation regarding external storage?

Don’t understand this. You want to unmount the share?

Thanks for the quick reply. I could not find anything about changing the size of the share or having multiple share targets. If there are some passages that describe this please point them out to me. What I am basically trying to do is the following - let’s say I have 60 gig now, I want 2 TB.

If you enter a / as the folder name, it becomes the user’s storage root. The quota from Nextcloud will not work anymore and you have space for so much of Windows storage as are available.

Thanks. I will try that.