Configure and launch client by a script

I work in a network whith 200 pc when a user log in a pc i want the client start th sync.
I don’t want all users configure their client , i want to configure it by a script

You sure that syncing is a good idea with that many clients? You’d probably be better off using webdav.

I would start

  • creating a proper config file (sync target etc)
  • then you can use your management tool to auto-start the client

I have no idea if it is possible to remotely/administratively auto-login the client - if not you may simplify the procedure to the level your users can handle…


Nextcloud GmbH references Millions of users on some instances - why it should be bad idea to have 200 sync users? Definitely it is question of hardware sizing and system design. I assume the whole population is not going to sync the same data set? and even if - after initial sync spike I don’t expect huge load…

I could even imagine that it generates less load than if everyone connects via WebDAV. The Sync Client doesn’t do much as long as nothing changes in the files. But I haven’t done any tests that confirm my assumption.

WebDAV won’t transfer ANY data unless the data is actually used, therefore this will be considerably lower load than trying to sync everything.

Having hundreds of duplicates of the same data will waste not just the network bandwidth, but that amount of storage space across all the clients. That’s horribly inefficient.

Yes if you look at it from that perspective, you’re of course right. But once the initial sync is done, only the files that are edited or newly created are getting transfered and I don’t know whether WebDAV or the Sync Client causes more load in day-to-day use. It probably won’t make much of a difference, if at all.

And then of course it depends on what kind of “load” we are talking about. Server load (CPU, memory load on the server) or network load?

Then it also depends on whether people mainly work with locally installed apps on their computers or mainly in the browser. For the former, the Sync Client is imho better suited, especially if they use laptops and the files also have to be available offline.

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