Configure an external storage to mount an S3 bucket subpath

I am able to mount an S3-compatible object store bucket as external storage, and I can read/write files and folders there as expected. What I would like to do is mount a subpath within the bucket instead of the bucket root. While I understand that S3 buckets are actually flat hierarchies with no real folder structure, the commonly supported convention of effective hierarchy is what I need here. This would allow me, for example, to create a new external storage mount for each user, all from a single bucket, where each user could only see the objects under their own subpath.

Is this possible?

Nextcloud version: 27.0.2

I found an imho better solution. For bucket names use $user too and then for each user a bucket with this name is automatically after logon created:

For example name the bucket “cloud.$user”.

If the folder name is set to “/” then only the S3 storage is available to the user.

It’s much better than using S3 as storage backend in config.php because files can then be accessed also via S3 and not Nextcloud-only.