Configuration or App for write-only file drop

Hi everyone,

Can NextCloud be configured to act as a file drop system for users to upload files, which they then have no access to, other than to see what has been uploaded (cannot edit, open, delete etc). This is for legal reasons, where staff need to upload files which have to be legally kept and cannot be tampered with, viewed or deleted.

Happy to head from plugin/app developers too, if you think you can produce an app to do this for us, as a paid job.

Thanks team!

It might be possible the the build-in file-drop function is what you’re looking for:

As long as the drop-shares are created with an account which no-one else has
access to, it should do the job. I would contact the Nextcloud company if there’s
a feature missing :wink: .

Thanks for your help. I am as far as a share which doesn’t allow users to delete or modify the files- that was simple. The barrier is preventing the uploader from re-opening the files and seeing the directory listing. I am after an upload ‘black hole’ where they upload a file, and have no further interaction with it. Do you think I can achieve these types of permissions without a tailored solution?

There is also the mail solution:

@dippitydip If you would have read the description of the provided web page and would have viewed the provided video on that page, you could have seen that the feature is named "Secure drop (upload only)" and that there is a checkbox named "Can edit" available :wink:


I must admit that I’ve personally not yet used that function, but I assume that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Hey there! This post is old, hope someone reads it still: Secure Drop is missing in my NextCloud 15.0.2.
All the other features are the, just no secure drop…

Can someone maybe help me here?
Thanks in advance

So it’s NOT just me. I just filed a bug about this:

Can you please provide a screenshot of your share settings under Settings > Administration > Sharing please. I’m especially interested in if the parameter “Allow public uploads” is checked.

checking Settings > Administration > Sharing “Allow public uploads” makes the “File drop (upload only)” option visible