Configuration issues for cms pico

Hi - not entirely sure this is a Pico CMS problem, but thought I would start here trying to track down what is going on.

I have had an old version of Pico CMS installed before. I had been using it, but it has sat idle for a while.

When I went to the settings/personal/Pico CMS, I would get a message saying the administrator had limited access to certain groups.

When I went to the settings/Administration/Pico CMS, the ‘Limit to Groups’ text box is empty. If I try to add a group to it, it stays greyed out, and the group does not get added to the database.

I tried deleting and reinstalling, including custom templates and themes, but it didn’t help. So I started to poke around in the database. In the oc_appconfig table, there is an entry ‘limit groups’ with the value [‘Domain Users’]. Once I set that to [], the limited access message disappeared, and I was able to add and remove groups, create sites etc.

So - not sure where the Domain Users came from, but there have been other times I thought it should behave differently.

But - when I disabled and removed the app, the database entries did not appear to be removed. Manually removing the oc_cms_pico_websites table, then installing the app causes an error, with “Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘nextcloud.oc_cms_pico_websites’ doesn’t exist” in the logs.

I had to add the table back manually.

Also it seems several entries for pico cms in the oc_appconfig table don’t seem to be deleted when removing the app. I would have thought that they would have been.

I have checked the database access and the nextcloud user has more access than necessary.

Once installed, the app seems to be working well, though :slight_smile: