Configurable auto backups


it would be nice to have an configurable auto backup option to a share (cron?) and/or cloud etc…


I’m not sure what you mean.

The passwords app itself makes automatic backups for the entire database on the server. You can configure this in the admin app settings: Backups · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

And for the individual users, the app stores each change as a new revision of the password. You can view all revisions in the app in the details of the password entry.

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aaah ok. Doesnt seen this page. I think with the info where are the backups stored I can export them to ma backup share and do a automatic daily backup to onedrive…

You should just make sure that noone can access these backups (e.g. the hoster of your backup drive). Backups contain everything to restore the passwords, so if you don’t have e2e set up, someone with access to them can use them to gain access to your password database.

You can also use the create & export command to integrate the backups into any custom backup process.

sure, I use crypted backups from synology drive to onedrive…