Configuraation when runinng nginx proxy manager on a separate host

Reading the docs before I run compose, I noticed here all-in-one/ at main 路 nextcloud/all-in-one 路 GitHub that it mentions this configuration is only for running NPM on the same host. I have NPM running on a separate host that proxies all my home servers, so what would I need to change in the docker-compose.yaml as well as my NPM configuration? This is in a proxmox debian vm if that matters btw.

Hi, usually you instead of localhodt use the ip-address of the host that is running AIO.

Plus add ip of proxy server to trusted proxies in config.php. Also consider changing the SSL part if your proxy server is already running standalone certbot instance (and modify the certbot setup for extra subdomain if not using the wildcard cert)

Yes, NPM handles all SSL so I鈥檓 guessing I can keep " NEXTCLOUD_TRUSTED_CACERTS_DIR=/path/to/my/cacerts" commented out?

Yes, correct :+1:

That seemed to work fine. With the default docker config, NPM was set with the NC host IP, http, and 11000 as the port number. The only thing is since there鈥檚 no SSL at the host level, the Passwords app won鈥檛 work since it doesn鈥檛 see the nextcloud https connection anymore on the host machine like I had on my previous setup using the VM image from a few years ago. It鈥檚 not a big deal though as I switched to using Passman and that works fine.