Configer Activity App

Hi I’m new
I want to configer the activity app to show only activities of the last week/ days
I found this

Configuring your Nextcloud for the activity app

To configure your Nextcloud to send out e-mail notifications a working Email configuration is mandatory.

Furthermore it is recommended to configure the background job Webcron or Cron as described in Defining background jobs.

There is also a configuration option activity_expire_days available in your config.php (See Configuration Parameters) which allows you to clean-up older activities from the database.

BUT I don’t know what to put in config/config.php

App config options

Retention for activities of the activity app:

‘activity_expire_days’ => 365,

Every day a cron job is ran, which deletes all activities for all users which are older then the number of days that is set for activity_expire_days

‘wnd.logging.enable’ => true,

This enables debug logs for the windows_network_drive app.

Hope for help
Trying to learn!!