Config setting to enable generating Ultra strength passwords by default?

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Is there a config setting available to generate Ultra strength passwords by default? I can’t see anything in the Administration settings. Perhaps there’s something to add to Nextcloud’s config.php or there’s a undocumented setting in the app?


In the passwords app you can set the default settings for password generation by clicking on “More” and “Settings” in the app. See for details.

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Thanks for that. That’s helpful.

But I’m assuming the More -> Settings is an individual user setting rather than a system-wide one?

It’s just that as an admin, I’d like to encourage using really strong passwords whenever people generate ones using this app, so it would be great if I can set Ultra as a default for all users, but no worries if not.

Also, speaking of the settings I can see in More -> Settings, is it also possible to enable End-to-end Encryption system-wide by default for all users too?


Yes, there is currently no systemwide default settings for password generation.

There is a hidden first run wizard which will set up E2e by default (Unless the user finds the skip option). Enabling that requires some effort and is described here: Feature Management · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

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Okay great, that’s all great. Thanks for getting back so quickly! Really cool support and well done with the app—this is really good!