Config Max Filesize limit on NextCloud installed on Synology

Hi !
I ve installed NextCloud on my NAS Synology.
All works fine, except the upload filesize. Is limited to 32 MB, and I would like to increase.

I ve search on the forum and help and talks about user.ini or php.ini… and this files are not on my distribution… How can i do that please ???

Any help would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance !

Which version of Nextcloud do you have and which DSM version do you have?

I have DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 2
And NExtCloud Nextcloud 10.0.1 (stable)

Thanks !

But the zip archive contains the .user.ini. Try to reupload just the ini file. And then set the correct permissions: “-rw-r----- 1 http http” otherwise you can’t set the limits via Webinterface.
Oh and just check this: ls /volume1/web/nextcloud doesn’t show the .user.ini file
ls /volume1/web/nextcloud/.user.ini shows the result.

Amazing !
Really extrange… the .user.ini file was not on my webfolder… I ve copied it, and all right now ! !
Thanks a lot ! ! !