Conference: News Next Week!

So, as the title says, I’m working on a venue and timing but it won’t be far off from September and Berlin. I hope to have news coming Monday so stay tuned!



Videos! Please shoot videos for the majority of people who can’t be there live, even if it’s just a cell phone on a stand at the back of the room. Better yet, would be to livestream it on Periscope or similar, and let everyone take part in the discussions / Q & A etc. Periscope is insanely simple to use.

Anyway, I can help with editing / uploading if needed.


Can I vote for Stuttgart? :wink:
Or something like Frankfurt :smiley:

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No you may not! :wink:

Jokes apart, it’s much easier to go to Berlin from various parts of the world and it’s cheap to sleep and eat there.

come all in Italy !! :joy:

Will they open BER until the conference starts? Otherwise it should be easier to come to FRA :wink:


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We got an invitation from a university in Berlin, they are just finishing the list of rooms so it isn’t 100% clear yet if we can announce on Monday. Let’s see.

Stay tuned…