Compress data with brotli

Dropbox and several other companies are using the google brotli compression algorithm. They say it is faster to compress the data and send it to the server instead of sending the non compressed data. I don’t know whether this is true, but maybe we can test it. Increase the sync speed is something every cloud service should prioritize imho.

Dropbox is using a Rust implementation of brotli instead of the C implementation. Maybe it is faster but in every case it is safer.

Brotli compression is a server setup thing :wink:


ah ok so I have to configure that algorithm in my webserver and it will work automatically with nextcloud?

(09:41:12 PM) LukasReschke: “Yes. That’s an excellent question! Thanks for asking!”


I would also suggest to look for benchmarks. IIRC, it doesn’t work well for everything.

Maybe this helps?