Complex Workflow

Hello All,
I am doing research for one a potential integration for one customer. The ask is to trigger a workflow once file is uploaded on the nextcloud. The workflow contains multiple steps like once uploaded do multiple actions. and there is another flow which is independent flow from this flow. I want to know

  1. Should i used webhook events or should i use flow functioanlity as deploy this as app ?

  2. should i develop modular worlflows of multisteps flows and deploy these and app and let events triggers these modular workflows, which are part of multistep asynchronous flow?

  3. Should i developed a custom app and package this soltution into single app?

  4. Is it possible to write a customized code or integration in language other than PHP?

  5. Do we have webhooks available ( out of the box) for all the events like any other ECM tool?

thanks in advance for your help

your description of what you need is not helpful to to give you a straightforward solution.
However, a start point could be testing below apps that may help you

  • the Flow app
  • Workflow app

Hope they will help

thanks for your quick response. In my opinion, i should build a flow app. app will capture the upload events and pass the event to external server for certain operation on to the file once file operations are done, then app should delete the old file and update this new file. my assumption is that to capture the even via flow functions i need to use PHP and once event is pass to integration layer, i can use my own programming language based on my comfort level. let me know if this is understanding is correct. or please let me know what specific input would help you to help me :slight_smile: