Complex repeat rules?


is there any possibility to create more complex repeat rules?

For example: I have a repeating appointment on tuesday. Next week it will be for one week on wednesday.

I found no possibility to solve this than letting the appointment end this week, create a single one next week on wednesday and creating a new repeating appointment starting the week after.

In Google calendar I can just move the calendar entry to another day - it won’t affect repeating entries in the other weeks…

After the complete rewrite of the Calendar app some repeating rules are not implemented yet.

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Hi, its more than a year that the above reply was written and considered a solution, which it isn’t. I really need a good repeating options dialog to handle the many events I have to enter into the calendar. Some examples:

  • Every last Wednesday in a month, or every first, instead of only every four weeks (or three weeks or whatever), because with the current options I end up having the event somewhere in the middle of the month at least for a while, instead of always on the last Wednesday
  • The option to remove or alter a single entry in the middle of the row of repeating events is essential.
  • An option to end the event series on a certain date, not counting how often it repeats (oh God, count that over several years…)

I would be willing to help programming, but I would have to learn some things first (it’s a long time since I last did PHP programming).

There is already a proposed fix in the github issue that is linked above. Maybe you can help test it and give feedback.