Completely remove Nextcloud client (Linux Mint)

Hello everyone,

earlier I built the Nextcloud client from the Github source by myself using the “Manual section” of this guide: .
I now see that there is a PPA available for the client. As updates are being installed automatically with the PPA method, I want to get rid of my old installation of the Nextcloud client and install it again through the PPA.

I tried “sudo rm -r [Folder]”, where [Folder] is the folder I cloned the git in. However, the client is still installed and running. How do I completely remove the installation of the Nextcloud desktop client?

the cloned git-archive only contains the sourcecode; if you compiled it and then installed it with sudo make install all the files were copied into the system-directories as shown in the screenie.
you can either look for all the files and delete them manually (many more than shown on that screenie); or you can download and compile (do not run make install) the sources again and hope there is a make uninstall; or read the makefile in the source-archive and figure out the paths the compiled stuff was copied to and delete it all.
also, there might be an advanced way your package-manager can find files that do not belong to any pm-installed package, but i think this might require quite a bit of shell- and regex-artistry.
just looked at the screenie again: if you’re lucky everything was installed into /usr/local/, so look for the stuff there first; eg /usr/local/bin/nextcloudclient

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