Complete noob gets error message after installing Onlyoffice

I used the apps to install onlyoffice app on nextcloud. I type in the ip address in Document Editing Service address and when I click save I get this error message: “Error when trying to connect (Client error: GET resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: <head data-requesttok (truncated…) )”. Obviously that’s not my ip address. I’m using Apache2 with Mariadb running on Ubuntu 18.04.
I tried using my domain name in the Document Editing Service address and got this error massage: “Error when trying to connect (Bad healthcheck status)”. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

Did you install the onlyoffice document server or only the app?

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I only used the app, I only have the one server. I thought that the document server had to be on a separate server or you would have conflicts.

Yes… and the question was, if you also installed the OnlyOffice document server somewhere… In the NC app store, there’s the OnlyOffice integration app, which connects your NC instance to a running OnlyOffice document instance, but you’d need a running OO instance, nevertheless.

Thank you, budy. I didn’t do my homework before I enabled the app. I will do more reading and then try again.

Ehh… you being a NOOB relates to only NC or to Linux in general? I am just asking, since installing OnlyOffice can be a bit challengeing, because OO requires secure communications between itself, any NC instance and the connecting clients.

Most definitely a noob with NC, I’ve been playing with Linux for a few years. I retired and decided to stop playing and do something outside of my comfort zone. Everything I am doing is not mission critical, I’m just trying to help out my daughter to free her from drop box, and learn something as well.

Great - that’s worthy crusade, no matter what! There are a number of threads regarding the installation of OnlyOffice, so you’ll probably all set, if your comfortable with Linux and know your way around.

Have fun!

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Budy, You said installing OpenOffice is challenging I find it damn near impossible. I think trying to install OpenOffice on the same server may be above my pay grade right now. I’m looking into another server and starting over using what I’ve learned and do a cleaner install. It’s all good, I’ve even got my Grandson scratching his head and he’s used Linux for years. That makes me feel not so stupid.

want to try docker for onlyoffice?

or as playbook

or completely docker based

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@tenmm, no one’s stupid because he or she has a hard time installing OnlyOffice. When I first installed OnlyOffice, I also took advantage of a docker version and was okay with that for the time being. It was only after I finished my evaluation of OO, which then made me redo this with a “proper” installation of OO.

Just one hint, if you want to use OO solely for Nextcloud, go ahead with the integration version of OnlyOffice.

Otherwise… I can only recoomend @Reiner_Nippes Ansible playbooks for Nextcloud/OnlyOffice/Collabora, they’re really good.

budy, Just wanted to give you an update on running OO with Nextcloud. I decided to install OO document server on a separate server using docker. So much easier and much less frustration, other than my typos it was very easy. The next challenge is to get my daughter to use it and get rid of dropbox. Thank you for your help and advice.

Hey… that’s great to hear. Although being a professional IT guy, I also started out using OO in a docker container and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was only when I started to get annoyed by the container’s limitations regarding its housekeeping on the temp volume, when I decided to install OO on dedicated server.

As long as you don’t run into this issue, you will be fine. And of course it can be that the docker installation has been fixed-up regarding this issue.