Complete a New AIO instance without a Domain

I have an Ubuntu Server v22.04 LTS
Installed the Docker Nextcloud AIO v4.0.1
Connected to serverIP:8080 and logged in for the first time
Setup of New AIO Instance now requires a Domain name, which I do not have/use.

There is a “Hint” that will take me to a GitHub page. This states, " you may skip the domain validation by adding -e SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true to the docker run command of the mastercontainer." I tried thios with a Docker Run command and -e was not recognized. Also stopped the container and re-started with the -e command which was not recognized either ($ sudo docker start -e SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer).

Where to next? Please advise

If you want to run it only locally, see for options.

Hi. Did you solve your problem?

that dose not help