Compare free version to enterprise

I can’t find a comparison. I take it the support is much better but what other differences?

In theory, there are none. In practice, there are some… Read this as a backgrounder

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Thank you. I would assume the “support” is better with Enterprise too? I am looking at this for a small business to move from google drive. We don’t use support with google often, but it has actually been very good.

Support from the NC community is pretty good in my opinion, so depending on the size of your business, this could be enough to fit your needs. Maybe you could give us some numbers (users, file-types, size,…) to work with…

As far as I understood, the enterprise plan is not really targeted on small businesses.

You can contact Nextcloud directly through their website to discuss specifics on whether it makes sense. They’ll know better than any of us.

20-25 users, 200,000 current docs to migrate of all kinds … word docs, sheets, graphics, powerpoints. Primarily docs and sheets though. Need the real time collaboration that google docs has. Thats important. And easy shareability. thx

They haven’t answered yet. You guys are much faster.

The collaboration tools here come with some limits, documents it was ~20 users, and also for online meetings which performs bad for larger number of people.

Just the software with all its functions is the same, so you create a setup and play around if you want to get a closer look at it.