Common email to all users

Hi there, i tried to find information about the request i will describre below, without finding anyone in the same context.
I need to setup for all Nextcloud users the same email address which consist in something like “”. The point is that some users may have their own email address, but all of them needs to see info.
I would like to configure that all users have it by default, without having to set it up in each account, but couldn’t find a way to do it so far.
Is there any ?

I think there is no possible. Also i think it is not a good idea to include one email account for a lot of users. What about using it to mail with this account? Nextcloud Mail is only a mail client.

I think you can better migrate the informations from the email to another format.

1.) Nextcloud News
Maybe you can use the app News or another app to post a lot of information to all users.

2.) External Sites
With the app External sites you can include in the menu a button to an external site. Maybe you an use an external website to show the emails.

Setting up a mail distribution group is something you’d have to do in your email system.

Hi guys,
thanks for the fast feedback.
the email address is an info inbox, which means that it is the first point of contact for that company. There are 6-7 users only, so the idea isn’t to spread around news or so, but really that they can see incoming request from customers.
A mail distribution group isn’t possible either, the owner really wants to keep a single email address and doesn’t want the collaborators to have private one and for this we simply setup a mailbox which is free of charge with our domain.
Overall, we are a very simple user :slight_smile:

Anyone else has a suggestion ? If not i will go the manual way no issue.

I think you need a kind of group mailbox from your mail provider. Maybe then the user can configure not only their own mailbox but also the group mailbox.

I face the same issue here. I will add manually the mail account (It is an IMAP one) in every users mail box.
That’s the only way, I can imagine.

Add a new mail addres called info and add a forward rule to all your colleagues on your mailprovider.
Or you add all your colleagues mail adresses as contacts an add them to a contact group you share in the nextcloud contacts app.