Common directory structure & reshare with public link


For a school, as admin I want to create a common directory structure and share it to all the teachers.

For example: /base_dir/1_class/1A/ (each subdirectories are shared to all the teachers)
In this 1A folder, the teachers are free to drop their files, create their subdirectories and reshare them to students and parents by public link for instance.

Two problems:

  1. from a teacher’s point of view: the directory structure is :
  2. How to avoid the teacher create/modify/delete in intermediate directories as /base_dir/, 1_class/ ?

Many thanks for the support,

B. Seutin

It depends on whether you want them to have read access to the whole structure.

First I would set up the base_dir as a group folder. If you want them to have read access to the whole structure, you can give them read access to the group folder. This also sets it up so the folder structure doesn’t belong to a specific user (i.e. the whole thing isn’t “your stuff”).

Secondly you can share subfolder 1A with a teacher and give them write access to it. When they access the group folder (if allowed) they would be read only, and when they access the shared folder, they can write to it.

Technically their shared folder would show up in two places in the hierarchy, one of which is read only, but that may not be an issue. From their perspective it would look like this:

/base_dir/1_class/1A (whole subtree read only)
/1A (writable)

Hello !

Thanks a lot for your support. It answers partially my request. ReadOnly folders are a solution.
However, from teacher’s point of view, the directory structure is “flattened”:
/base_dir (RO shared to ‘teachers’ group)
/1_class (RO shared to ‘teachers’ group)
/1A (RW shared to the teacher’s name only)
Because the teacher belongs to ‘teachers’ group.
While from admin’s point of view the directory structure is “clear”:
It is not a real problem, just cosmetic. But if the directory structure grows, I can’t imaginate the number of folders viewed by each teacher belonging to “teachers” group.