Comment on PDFs in Nextcloud 23

Is it possible to comment on PDFs somehow considering that the app is no longer supported in Nextcloud 23?

Are you sure? max-version ist set to 23, so this App should be compatible.

I was checking it in the app store of Nextcloud, where version 20 is the maximum

You’re right, there seems to be an older version in the App Store.

Alternatively, you can install the app as described on GitHub.

Or you can create an issue on GitHub to ask the maintainer to create a new App Store release.

This is the way. Then link it here.

Running apps which aren’t listed on the latest version number is common practice. You’ll get used to it as a nextcloud admin and usually simply enable them for the most recent release.

It is what it is. If it works we benefit. If it breaks we file an issue + wait or submit a pull request or restore a backup to stay on the older working version.